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Once in a Blue Moon and that does not happen very often, God will allow a Gospel Singing Ministry come down the Gospel Highway, that captivates You and gets Your Attention!

One of these Ministries, is a Young Lady, by the name of Sandra Lee Burdick of Gallatin, Tennessee!

Sandra, was born and raised in the northeast part of the Country in Stanford, Connecticut to Godly Parents and she was brought up in Church and started singing at the tender age of 5 and was holding Concerts in Her home with Her two siblings making up a wonderful three part harmony group and sometimes cousins would join in and sing as well. Eventually, Sandra and her siblings started singing in neighborhood Churches, Fundraisers and wherever they were asked as they were enjoyable in their Singing presentation. As time passed by the passion for Singing by her siblings lost interest and dropped out, but Sandra Lee kept moving forward for the Lord in what she was called to do.

As time moved on and Sandra kept growing in the Lord, she began writing Songs in 1984 under the leadership of the Holy Spirit as God had other plans for Sandra and placed an "Anointing" on Her to be used for the future in Ministry for Him! She wrote many Songs during this time, but kept many of them in a closet for many Years, before she dug them out and recorded them as the proper time was given by God for Her to do that!. 
Later on this beautiful Lady Sandra Lee Burdick, this one of a kind "Southern Country Gospel Singer" became acquainted with "First Class" John Rees Owner and Producer of God?s Child Records Nashville, Tennessee and this allowed Her to eventually record 4 "Top Notch" Recordings entitled ?He?ll Be There?, ?I Believe In Miracles?, ?Somebody Up There Loves You? and Her latest Project called ?Little Gifts From Heaven? all of these Recordings feature Sandra Lee's own Song Compositions with the exception of one song "Who Do You Think?" on the "I Believe In Miracles" Project, that she received permission to Record from the popular Statler Brothers!

Sandra Lee, has had the honor of being invited and appearing on several Radio and Television Shows over the Years and the offers keep coming in. Sandra, has been blessed to win several Awards such as the prestigious "Golden Harp" Award over the Years and she has performed her "Southern Country Gospel" style of Gospel Music Ministry in the beautiful Concert Hall in Bath, New York as well as appearing at the Ryman Auditorium along with Connie Smith, George Hamilton IV, Brenda Lee and other Christian Country Artists and also at the Texas Troubadour Theater with U.S.A.G.E.M.!. Sandra Lee is a Lifetime Member in good standing with the U.S.A.G.E.M. and also a Member of M.C.C.F. She has also appeared on the late Col. Buster Doss Jamboree's, which were very popular and highly successful.

Sandra Lee, has had Major Chart activity with Her Songs here in the States as well as European Countries. 
Sandra, is married to a wonderful and supportive Husband by the name of Don Burdick and they make for a great TEAM and she is blessed to have 4 Children.

Sandra Lee, like many REAL Christians, has experienced Her share of Valleys in Her life, but with Jesus walking beside her, she has come through those in flying colors and She has also experienced Mountaintops and for that she is so grateful and thankful to the Heavenly Father!

Doors of opportunity, are constantly opening up for Her to carry the Message of Jesus in a Loving, Caring and Sharing way as Sandra Lee, is a People Person and Loves folks from all walks of Life and she Loves to be an Encourager, Faithbuilder and Motivator to Christians and to remind them to never give up and keep pressing on toward the Goal of reaching Heaven?s Gates and also She loves to Minister to the Pre-Christian (Lost) and let them know, that Jesus loves them and that if they would give their life to Him and serve Him, they would gain a Mansion in Heaven a place of Joy and Beauties for Eternity!

Sandra Lee Burdick, is a "Crowd Pleaser"!! I have been in Southern Gospel Music for over 45 Years and I honestly can say, I have never met an Individual Singer that has been given a blessed Unique Style of being a REAL "Southern Country Gospel" Singer and Songwriter as Sandy is and believe Me, I have heard hundreds of Singers over the Years! I Personally recommend Sandra Lee Burdick from Gallatin, Tennessee to any Pastor, Music Minister, Festival/Event Planner and ?Legit? Promoters for that Special Church Service or Event as You would not be disappointed and be well pleased and Sandra Lee, will be Your "Crowd Pleaser" and You will be asked for Her to return as I have No Doubt about that! So Contact Her at Your first available opportunity and schedule Her for that Special Church Service or Event.

Sandra Lee, I am Proud to say, is a Daily "Ministry Partner" on my Heir Wave Internet Radio Station www.heirwaveradio.com out of Yukon and Hugo, Oklahoma and I am very proud of that fact!. I also encourage You to Contact Sandra Lee Burdick and order all of Her Projects as Your Money would be well invested and they would enhance your "Southern Country Gospel" Music Library immensely and bring You many Hours of listening Enjoyment and Blessings! You may contact Sandy by email at: sandra_burdick@comcast.net and you may find more information about her and communicate with through the websites below!



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